Pine Tree Council Online Terms of Use Agreement


The Pine Tree Council of the Boy Scouts of America ("PTC") delivers a Scouting program within the State of Maine through the support of paid professionals ("Professionals"), adult members ("Volunteers"), and youth members under the age of 21 ("Youth"). All are registered with BSA units chartered within Pine Tree Council or appear on Pine Tree Council's roster.

This Terms of Use Agreement ("Terms") covers online services ("Services") delivered by PTC to Professionals, Volunteers, and Youth who have agreed to accept the enclosed requirements ("Users").

These Terms cover both the act of retrieving data from the Services ("Access") and the act of creating, sharing, or transmitting data using the Services ("Posting").

All information Accessible or Posted to the Service, including but not limited to photos, files, database contents, documents, text, audio and video, are "Data".

Services which permit Access by the general public, such as the public areas of the PTC website, are "Public Services". Services which permit Access only by Users, such as the management interface of the PTC website, are "Private Services".

1. Minimum Age: The minimum age for Access or Posting to the Services is 13. Persons aged at least 13 but less than 18 may Access or Post to the Services with the expressed consent of their legal guardian.

2. Acceptance: To agree to the terms, I will go to and complete the provided form.

3. Account Issuance: Permissions and user credentials for the Services shall be issued to Users by PTC based on need and compliance of the User with the Terms.

4. Requirements:

A. Guiding Principles: Usage of the Services is only permitted in ways which align to the Charter and Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, a complete copy of which may be accessed by contacting PTC's Council Scout Executive, which include the Scout OathScout Law, and Declaration of Religious Principle.

B. Laws: Users shall comply with local, state and federal laws, including those laws which pertain to copyrights and trademarks. Users assert that they have the right or license to Post all materials they Post to the Services.

C. Personally Identifiable Information ("PII"): The Public Posting of data containing sensitive PII (such as Social Security Numbers, Drivers License Numbers, or Passwords) or pertaining to the financial or medical records of any person is strictly prohibited. The use of PII in other situations will be minimized and strictly controlled.

D. Ownership: User grants to PTC a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, assignable, perpetual license to reproduce, display, distribute, adapt, create derivative works of, publicly perform, publicly display and digitally perform any Posted material.

E. Photo Release: By Posting Data which includes the visual or audio likeness of a person, User asserts they have confirmed a Photo Release is on file for the subject. Acceptable Photo Releases for purpose of these Terms are the Pine Tree Council Photo Release Form, BSA Talent Release Form, or Part A of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record.

F. No Expectation of Privacy: All Data posted to the Services is licensed for use by PTC, including Data which is posted to Private Services, including but not limited to email, private mailing lists, and instant messaging features. Users shall have no expectation of privacy when using the Services.

G. No Pecuniary Interest: The Services may not be used to Post any information for the financial gain or advertising of business interests of any User, their friends or family, or outside organizations except as related to PTC-approved fund raising programs.

H. Usage for Scouting: The Services and Data from them may only be used to support the Scouting program at the World, National, Regional, Area, Council, District or Unit level and may not be used for any non-Scouting purpose.

I. Use of Contact Information: The use of contact information, such as membership lists, phone, mailing address and email address, is restricted to those uses required by the User's current role in Scouting. Contact information may be posted to the Public Services only with the approval of the referenced person. Questions about acceptable use of contact information shall be directed to the Council Scout Executive.

J. No Account Sharing: All Accounts issued to a User are for use solely by that User. Where the User has not yet reached the age of 18, the parent or guardian who has authorized access through the Acceptance process is authorized by Pine Tree Council to Access the account for purpose of monitoring usage.

K. Strong Passwords: Users shall make use of unique passwords which are not shared between any websites or services, and shall not store these passwords in an insecure manner. The Services may enforce specific character makeup of passwords and scheduled password changes.

L. Pay your own way: Each User is responsible for their own equipment, network access, and usage fees (such as bandwidth or minutes) as necessary to access the Services.

M. No Warranty: These services are provided AS IS and without any implied or express indemnities or warranties. No guarantee is provided that services or data will be available or suitable for a given purpose. User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the PTC and other Users harmless, including those people operating the Services, in the event of any claim, damage, loss or liability.

5. Termination of Accounts: PTC may terminate permission to use the Services, either in part or completely, upon breach of Terms, discontinuation of BSA membership, receipt of notification in writing that the User wishes to discontinue use of Services, or for any other reason. Termination of Accounts may or may not result in the removal of Posted Data originating from the terminated User.

6. Oversight: If you become aware of abuse or breach of these Terms, or have an issue or question regarding the Terms, please contact the PTC's Council Scout Executive.

7. Updates to Agreement: These terms contain the entire understanding of the parties on the subject matter hereof.  This agreement may be updated from time to time. Notification of changes to this agreement will be posted to the PTC Facebook Page and in the Council's newsletter. Changes to this agreement are effective immediately. Notice of changes will be posted in the issue of the Council's Pine Spills Newsletter released following the changes, and by email sent to email addresses on file for people who have accepted the agreement.

This agreement was last updated on 27 April, 2014.