Coronovirus (COVID-19) Updates



Council Office Reopening

The Pine Tree Council offices will reopen their doors on June 5th for limited business.  Should you have business with a member of the staff, we ask that you set an appointment.

We will be practicing “social distancing” in the office.  We ask that you come prepared with a mask in case we will not be able to separate more than 6 feet.

Summer Weekend Camp

In the next few days, registration will begin for the weekend camping opportunities via the council website.  We thank you for your patience, as a group of volunteers have been working hard to get you details as quickly as possible.   Please know for the reason of pooling our resources, the programs will only be held at Camp Hinds in Raymond.  However, the weekends will be open to all Scouts from the State of Maine.

2020 Summer Weekend Camp More Information

Order of the Arrow Elections

Madockawanda Lodge continues to offer virtual elections for troops, crews and ships.  Elections may be scheduled through July 1st.  If your unit or any unit that you know of is in need of an election, please have them reach out to their chapter leadership or contact the lodge at to arrange for an election.

Induction weekends in June have been canceled.  There will be an induction weekend on August 21-23 at Camp Hinds and on September 18-20 at Camp Bomazeen.

Day Camp

A group of volunteers have been discussing the obstacles to run a traditional / in-person day camp.  At this point, it looks like those obstacles are too large to overcome.  However, the group is working on an alternative / hybrid program. Details will be announced next week.  In the meantime, contact Leah Barry with questions.


Short Term Rentals

One June 1st, campsite rentals to units will go live on our website.  Please note that the capacity of properties will be limited throughout the summer.  No buildings or equipment will be available for use.

PTC Short Term Rentals

PTC Recommendations on Unit Activities

Begining June 1st, units may resume in-person meetings.  Please review these guidelines and make sure that the safety of your Scouts and their families are at the forefront of your activities.

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