Scouting at Home Resources


While we can't meet in person for a while, that doesn't mean Scouting stops!  Here are some resources for parents and leaders to support Scouting at home.

Merits of Scouting at Home Guidelines for Virtual Scouting with Youth
Advancement Q&A During COVID-19 Digital Safety Advisory

Cub Scout
30 Day Challenge Calendars

For Cub Scouts and the whole family!


Scouts BSA 
30 Day Challenge Calendars

For Scouts and the whole family!


Lion Challenge


Tiger Challenge


Wolf Challenge


Bear Challenge


Webelos Challenge


Scout Challenge


Tenderfoot Challenge


Second Class Challenge


First Class Challenge



Youth Protection Reminder

It’s critical that we all continue to keep youth protection top-of-mind whether our Scouting activities are taking place in person or through a digital platform. Of note, remember that BSA prohibits any one-on-one interaction between an adult leader and a Scout – in person, online, through a web conference, over the phone, via text, or in any other form.

Detailed youth protection information is available here. To ensure you are following safety standards for all Scouting activities, please reference the Guide to Safe Scouting.

The BSA’s Social Media Guidelines serve as a complement to our youth protection policies.


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