Facilitated outdoor team building experiences for youth and adults

All organizations need people who communicate, plan, trust, cooperate and work together as a team. Project COPE—Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience—is an activity that involves some physical activity, but the philosophies of COPE go far beyond the physical challenges involved. Project COPE activities  are designed to benefit the individual by working as part of the group. Each Project COPE experience is customized by our certified COPE facilitators to meet each group’s specific needs and interests.

Project COPE is designed to break down barriers between individuals and create an atmosphere of shared leadership and problem solving that can help your organization build a cohesive working environment.



The COPE experience offers the creation of a problem solving and decision-making process by encouraging the group to perform when the results are uncertain.  In a group setting, participants are faced with situations and challenges which provide the opportunity to discover that  seemingly insurmountable tasks or problems can be overcome; all in a safe environment with shared goals, trust, mutual support and encouragement.  Facilitated reflection periods after each challenge multiply the benefits of your experience.

The eight major goals of Project COPE are:

1) Teamwork

2) Trust

3) Communication

4) Leadership Development

5) Problem Solving

6) Decision Making

7) Planning

8) Building Self-esteem



The Project COPE course contains both high and low elements. While the high course is designed to promote initiative and is based on achieving personal goals, the low course focuses on the foundations of team work and problem-solving in a group atmosphere. 

Youth and adult participants climb, swing, balance, jump and rappel, and think of solutions to a variety of situations and activities.  Most participants do much more than they ever thought they could do– and most of all—have fund doing it!



To reserve a COPE Program  for your group, please contact Judy McKula, Assistant Scout Executive for availability: (207) 797-5252 or email judy.      

Programs may be scheduled during the week and are available most weekends from March through May and mid-August through November.


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