Upcoming Events

05/30OFFICE CLOSED - Memorial Day
06/01Kennebec Valley District Commissioners
06/01Casco Bay Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
06/01Kennebec Valley District Committee Meeting
06/01Abnaki District Committee Meeting
06/02Casco Bay District Eagle Boards
06/02York District Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
06/03 - 06/05OA Section NE-1 Conclave
06/03Council Camping Committee Meeting
06/03Day Camp Director's Meeting
06/08Abnaki Recognition BBQ
06/08Kennebec Valley Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
06/09Casco Bay Commissioners
06/09Casco Bay District Committee Meeting
06/16Council Executive Committee Meeting
06/19 - 06/24National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
06/20 - 06/24Maine Criminal Justice Academy
06/22York District Commissioner Meeting
06/26 - 07/01Moose River Canoe Trek
07/01Council Camping Committee Meeting
07/01Day Camp Director's Meeting
07/03 - 07/08Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp Week #1
07/04OFFICE CLOSED - Independence Day
07/05 - 07/08Bomazeen Webelos Resident Camp
07/08Order of the Arrow Vigil Ceremony
07/09 - 07/10Camp Hinds Fun Pack Weekend #1
07/10 - 07/15Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp Week #2
07/10 - 07/15LL Bean Sea Kayaking Trip
07/11 - 07/15Kennebec Valley Day Camp
07/11 - 07/15Casco Bay Day Camp
07/16 - 07/17Camp Hinds Fun Pack Weekend #2
07/17 - 07/21Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp Week #3
07/17 - 07/21Camp Bomazeen Boy Scout Resident Camp Week 1
07/17Council Board Meeting
07/18 - 07/22York Day Camp
07/23 - 07/24Camp Bomazeen Fun Pack Weekend
07/24 - 07/29Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp Week #4
07/24 - 07/29Camp Bomazeen Boy Scout Resident Camp Week 2
07/27 - 07/28Council Professional Staff FOS Conference
07/27York District Commissioner Meeting
07/30 - 07/31Camp Hinds Fun Pack Weekend #3
07/31 - 08/05Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp Week #5
08/01 - 08/05Abnaki District Day Camp
08/05Council Camping Committee Meeting
08/05Day Camp Director's Meeting
08/07 - 08/12Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp Week #6
08/08 - 08/12Winslow Park Day Camp
08/14 - 08/17Camp Hinds Webelos Resident Camp Session #1
08/18Council Executive Committee Meeting
08/20Camp Hinds Webelos Resident Camp Session #2
08/24York District Commissioner Meeting
09/01Unit Recharter Begins
09/02Council Camping Committee Meeting
09/02Day Camp Director's Meeting
09/05OFFICE CLOSED - Labor Day
09/08Maine Shooting Sports Experience Auction
09/09Maine Shooting Sports Experience
09/28York District Commissioner Meeting
10/07Council Camping Committee Meeting
10/07Day Camp Director's Meeting
10/08Camp Bomazeen Haunted Woods
10/09 - 10/15Council Sea Base Contingent Trip
10/11Scout O Rama Committee Meeting
10/14 - 10/16York District Fall Camporee
10/21 - 10/23OA Lodge Leadership and Development Weekend
10/26York District Commissioner Meeting
11/04Council Camping Committee Meeting
11/04Day Camp Director's Meeting
11/08Scout O Rama Committee Meeting
11/11OFFICE CLOSED - Veteran's Day
11/17Council Board Meeting
11/20Engineering Badge Day
11/23York District Commissioner Meeting
11/24OFFICE CLOSED - Thanksgiving
11/25OFFICE CLOSED - Day After Thanksgiving
12/02Council Camping Committee Meeting
12/02Day Camp Director's Meeting
12/13Scout O Rama Committee Meeting
12/23OFFICE CLOSED - Christmas Eve Day (Observed)
12/26OFFICE CLOSED - Christmas Day (Observed)
12/28York District Commissioner Meeting
12/31Unit Recharter Ends

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Great pic from the National Park Service of a Cub honoring a fallen soldier at Gettysburg.